Apache Bomber Work Jacket Review

Apache Bomber Work Jacket

Apache Bomber Work Jacket Review

This is the Apache Bomber Work Jacket found here, it is primarily a work jacket focused for outside workers such as Civil Engineers and Construction Workers.


apache bomber jacket

Myself and a handful of colleagues have been using these for around a month now for multitude of tasks and have collected are thoughts.

Comfortability: 6 / 10 – The inside of the jacked is fleece lined which has been excellent through the start of the cold season, it keeps body heat in very well and is comfortable enough to wear outside without being irritated.

Style: 6/10 – The styling of this jacket was not the primary focus of this and it shows, this was designed to be an outside work coat and that it does well. Either way the seams are clean and it does give off a sense of authority when wearing outdoors in the presence of other workers.

Keeping Clean: 8 / 10 – Amongst us, we have managed to get everything from chalk and dust (easy to clean off) to paint and oil (surprisingly both mostly came out after a lot of scrubbing however have left some faded stains)

Waterproof: 8 / 10 – its definitely up there, it repels water excellently, the downside is that it collects around the neck after a medium shower and there is no hood.

Overall: 7 / 10 – there are many ways that Apache could have improved on this, however, for the price (£23.94 inc VAT) you can’t go wrong, its an excellent, budget jacket that can be handed out to workers and when purchased in bulk will not push a company’s bank account deep down.

Here are the specs for the jacket

Highly Water Repellent Work Coat
• Taped Seams
• 260g Polar Fleece Lining
• 40g Polyester Micro Fibre and Padded Sleeves
• Inside Zip Pocket
• Elasticated Waist
• Velcro Wrist Adjustment
• Embroidery Access Zip


I hope that someone considering a purchase of this finds this useful, stay warm in these coming cold months and ensure that you use the proper gear!

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