Which Do I Need? | BZP vs Stainless Steel vs HDG

Stainless Steel vs HDG vs BZP

BZP vs Stainless Steel vs HDG – The Easy Guide to Understanding.


Read on through this article and we will guide you through.


BZP (Bright Zinc Plated)


Recognisable by its discolouration of silver, BZP Fixings, Fasteners, Nuts and Bolts are the most widely recognised material and is the dominantly used / go to for fixings.
Bright Zinc Plated is created through a procedure that happens in the creation phase, it involves the settling of the standard steel or compound item, a thin layer of zinc utilising an electric current is formed.

The main Key Features about BZP are:

  • increased security to the steel to avert rusting or oxidizing.
  • Makes the steel impervious to dampness.
  • basic level of anti rust and oxidation

Note that it won’t counteract rusting or oxidizing in an outside or open air condition.

Fun Fact: before fabrication, the steel is commonly called as ‘pre-galv’.


A2 and A4 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Bolt

First of all we need to distinguish the difference between A2 and A4.

  • A2 is used in general situations

  • A2 features a mild level of anti oxidation and anti corrosion properties

  • An example of  A2 application – commonly used within a general work environment, to hold up railings or shelves.

  • A4 is commonly known as Marine Grade

  • A4 has higher properties of anti oxidation and Corrosion

  • An example of A4 would be used within an outdoor or chemical environment, due to the extra resistant properties that it features.

While appropriate for applications in an outside domain, A2 stainless can discolor after some time.

In rundown, while both A2 and A4 are to a great degree consumption protection, the best application for M&E and BES engineers working in a marine domain would be A4. Website developed by swarmict.co.uk On account of working ‘almost’ a marine situation, A2 is regularly appropriate, subject to the Consultant’s detail.


HDG (Hot Dip Galvanized)

BZP vs Stainless Steel vs HDG
Hot Dipped Galvanized

Hot Dip Galvanising alludes to a procedure where a completed item, i.e. a length of stud bar is dropped in a shower of liquid zinc which bonds with the steel to give a solid defensive layer, this is a favoured technique for accomplishing a component safe complete due it’s cost adequacy and low support once introduced.

Consider that when connected to strung parts, the extent of the string builds, so you should utilize an excited settling set for all parts to be tapped oversize, For instance, utilize aroused nuts with stirred fasteners, Also consider that when cutting stirred items, recall that you will probably slice through the zinc complete, into the first unprotected metal, leaving this uncovered.

A simple method to manage this is to utilize galv shower which will give security to the uncovered region.


Now that you are familiar with an understanding of the material property types in BZP vs Stainless Steel vs HDG, take a browse at our range of available Stainless Steel and BZP Fasteners, Fixings, Nuts and Bolts.


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